uncompromising premium

Premium from the beginning

HNF-NICOLAI e-bikes have always stood for uncompromising quality and first-class design. Our order-based assembly makes it possible to fulfil a wide range of configuration wishes. All vehicles are developed and built in Germany - and undergo a strict final inspection before delivery.

We do not compromise on quality

From belt drive to high tech hub.

Our e-bikes for the highest demands

In terms of quality and performance, our e-bikes bikes of outstanding design meet the highest demands. That's what makes our bike reliable companions in all situations. It's the combination of our top quality frames with finest premium components that results in unlimited riding enjoyment.

Trade fairs & events

Meet our advisers and try out your dream bike.

  • 19. February 2022 Rad und Reise in Lingen

    Wann: 09:30 - 13:30 & 14:00 - 18:00
    Wo: Östliche Stadtflur 61, 49809 Lingen (Ems)

    Ansprechpartner vor Ort: Axel Priegann
    Mobil: 0160 92533298

    19. February 2022 - 20. February 2022

E-Bike with Gates Carbon Drive

Maintenance-free, durable, robust and light - the Gates Carbon Drive is the pioneer among belt drives. Lasts up to 10x longer than a normal chain and is perfect for eBikes.

Bosch Performance CX 2019

With 75 Nm torque and up to 340 % support, the Bosch CX gets your HNF e-bike going at top speed. It accelerates extremely powerful and reacts without deceleration.


The SmartphoneHub and the COBI.Bike app connect the eBike to the digital world - from navigation, music streaming, fitness tracking, of phoning to the integration of other services.


The Rohloff SPEEDHUB combines precision, quality and durability with the HNF-NICOLAI e-bikes. Get the perfect dream team of German engineering and feel the difference.

Our services around your e-bike purchase

HNF service

With HNF-NICOLAI, you can save yourself the time and effort of having to take your eBike to be fixed.

Direct shipment

HNF-NICOLAI is the first company to directly ship e-bikes. Free and fully assembled!

individual counselling

Our E-Bike Buddies advise you with the configuration of your dream bike.