BOSCH SmartphoneHub


SmartphoneHub from BOSCH (formerly COBI.Bike) is much more than just an on-board computer.  In a single device, it combines worldwide 3D navigation, motor control, up-to-the-minute (!) weather forecasts, alarm system, fitness assistant, multimedia system, mobile phone charger, light control, telephony and much more. And although the system uses the smartphone, it is fully operated from the handlebar grip. More comfort and safety is not possible.

The SmartphoneHub transforms the pedelec into a fully networked eBike and part of digital life: Thanks to the smartphone and the COBI.Bike app, the SmartphoneHub can become an intelligent control centre that navigates, records activities and connects them to other services and apps. The eBike can also be started and controlled without a smartphone, because the display integrated within the SmartphoneHub shows you the most important riding data. That way you will remain flexible at all times – no matter where the route takes them.



The eBike can be operated intuitively with the smartphone and is designed for easy handling thanks to the control unit and voice output. Unterwegs die Lieblingsmusik hören, minutengenaue Wettervorhersagen und weitere Echtzeitdaten sehen oder telefonieren? Kein Problem! Dank der Bedienung über den Bosch Daumen-Controller und der Sprachausgabe braucht man dafür weder die Hände vom Lenker noch den Blick von der Straße zu nehmen. Das nervige und unsichere Hantieren mit dem Smartphone ist endgültig vorbei. Das COBI.Bike System macht jede Fahrt zum Erlebnis.



Schnell noch jemanden anrufen? Kein Problem! Du kannst Kontakte einfach mit dem Daumen-Controller aus der Kontaktliste auswählen. Anrufe entgegennehmen kannst du natürlich auch, ein Tastendruck am Daumen-Controller genügt. Somit gehören die riskanten Telefonmanöver beim Radfahren der Vergangenheit an.



The easy way to listen to your favourite music or the latest thriller: The COBI.Bike app allows eBikers access to music and audio book streaming services, such as Spotify or Audible, which can be conveniently operated by remote control.



The COBI.Bike app turns the smartphone into a personal trainer by connecting to fitness and health services like Apple Health, Google Fit, Strava and komoot.



The COBI.Bike app gives eBikers a permanent overview of the most important training data. such as performance, cadence and calorie consumption; this information can also be played back at the press of a button. It is also possible to connect a heart rate monitor.



The COBI.Bike app points the way – with optional 2D or 3D map view. The navigation instructions are also issued by voice output. You also have the choice between the fastest, the shortest and the quietest route


Some of our e-bikes are equipped in the basic version with the Bosch Purion on-board computer, others with the Bosch Intuvia. All bikes with Purion are equipped with the Bosch Nyon control unit if ordered with BOSCH SmartphoheHub / COBI. The Nyon joystick is the ideal way to control the system. The prices for the BOSCH SmartphoheHub therefore vary from model to model.

BOSCH SmartphoheHub is approved for pedelecs only and is not available for speed pedelecs. The system is also available in combination with the Rohloff 500 transmission, as well as with the Enviolo Automatic.


The system consists of a central hub on the handlebar and a controller on the steering handle. The controller is used to operate the system completely with the thumb, without taking your hand off the steering handle. The smartphone holder locks into the central hub. The smartphone is so firmly attached that the system can cope with even the most demanding routes. The COBI.Bike App automatically connects to the hub via Bluetooth, while the mobile phone is permanently supplied with power via the cradle.

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