Gates Carbon Drive

The belt drive of the future

The belt drive of the future

We have chosen the Gates Carbon Drive for the development of the HNF-Nicolai e-bikes. The belt drive developed by Gates Corp. is a high-performance technology that has been perfected for e-bikes. It consists of two metal pulleys and a high-strength belt embedded in carbon fiber ropes.

The carbon-reinforced belt drive is practically maintenance-free. Put some water on it to clean up the dirt – go on. And up to ten times longer than with a chain drive.

In addition, the polyurethane coating guarantees absolute rust resistance. The stretch-free carbon fibre technology makes the belt 20 % lighter and lasts up to 10 times longer than any chain. With this belt drive, your e-bike rides absolutely reliably, silently and cleanly. With an 11 mm pitch, the Gates CDX belt drive meets every requirement. The patented system ensures smooth meshing of the teeth – for a powerful and efficient driving experience. Whether powerful starting on inclines or smooth driving in city traffic.

The advantages of the Gates belt drive for your e-bike experience

Clean belt drive: No lubrication. No grease stains. The Gates Carbon Drive is dirt-repellent and can easily be cleaned with water.

Quiet belt drive: No chain. No chain running noises.

Light belt drive: No metal. No weight. The Gates Carbon Drive weighs 20% less than a classic chain drive.

Powerful belt drive: No friction. No waste of power. The direct power transmission and frictionless drive release forces.

Robust belt drive: No elongation. No defect. Thanks to the stretch-free carbon fiber technology, the belt drive has a ten times longer service life than a classic steel chain.

Gates Corporation - the pioneer of the e-bike belt drive

Gates Corporation is the technical leader in the industry for durable, high-quality power transmission products. Since 1911, the company has provided drive technology expertise to the automotive, industrial, and other engine-powered industries. Gates is a pioneer in conquering the bicycle market with unique standards, continuous product support and proven product development capabilities, and fits perfectly with HNF-Nicolai – the pioneers of e-bike development in Germany.

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