CD1 Cargo

The Professional.

from € 6.295

MSRP as a pedelec

The agile and powerful CD1 offers revolutionary design and handling. It combines the payload possibilities of a small vehicle with the maneuverability and flexibility of a bicycle. The quality of workmanship is at the highest level and as usual, only high quality components are installed. Its powerful Bosch drive is fully integrated into the elaborate aluminum frame. Thanks to its patented tilting technology, the CD1 offers driving stability that is second to none in its class.

Fully loadable and as flexible as you are

The total weight of the CD1 is a sensational 280kg with a dead weight of only 45kg. Not including the driver it can carry loads of up to 120 kg.  Thanks to its tilting technology even with a full payload, the CD1 remains manageable with a high level of stability in all situations. The CD1 is available with 2 different wheelbases and cargo bed lengths. Whether medium or long, you have the choice to configure your HNF-HEISENBERG to suit your requirements.

Mounting rail for Thule Chariot

With the specially developed mounting rail for Thule, the Thule Cross 2 and the Thule Sport 2 can be quickly and safely attached to the ProSafe rails of the cargo CD1.



The Basket-Unit is a reasonably priced and portable solution, which can be safely integrated into the ProSafe rail system on the Cargo CD1 cargo bed. It is lightweight, quick and easy to assemble. Thanks to its versatility, the Basket-Unit is a practical and efficient transport system at an attractive price.

Cargo-Unit TopLoader

The Cargo Unit TopLoader offers tremendous capacity yet has a low dead weight. The permissible total weight on the Cargo CD1 is thus hardly affected and can be fully exploited. As the lid opens almost vertically, you can load and unload items easily.

Tarpaulin garage

Tailor-made and high-quality, optimal protection in any weather, waterproof and UV-resistant, secure and firm fit thanks to the drawstring around the entire unit and central stitched fastening strap.


Tailor-made and high-quality cover for the Basket Unit L2, optimal protection in any weather, waterproof and UV-resistant. Colour: Blue, Material: PVC tarpaulin, Dimensions (LxWxH): 655 x 666 x 486 mm

Extensive accessories for a safe and comfortable transport

ProSafe lashing belt clamp buckle , Suitable for ProSafe lashing rails, 100% polyester, max. load: up to 225 daN. Belt length: 1.4 m

ProSafe elastic straps, compatible with ProSafe lashing rails, to quickly secure bulky cargo on the left and right of the loading platform. Colour: anthracite, weight: 0.13 kg, length: 1m

Set of warning labels DIN 30710 minimum DIN 30710 labelling requirements; easy to cut and apply. The labels can be applied both wet and dry, and can even withstand car washes and high-pressure cleaning.

The new Bosch CX

Power and acceleration for MTB and Urbanbike.

With a concentrated energy load, the performance line from the leading international e-bike mid-motor manufacturer Bosch is designed for sporty, powerful riding. The dynamic drive provides powerful assistance on any terrain – from flat to steep, on asphalt or off-road. The drive unit controls each speed without exception.

Limitless range

With the latest lithium technology.

Bosch Powerpacks, which HNF-NICOLAI uses for its e-bikes, are lithium-ion batteries with a 500 Wh energy reserve. They are easy to install and remove, and can be mounted directly on the bike as a frame battery. Determine your range with the Bosch rangefinder.

Bosch Purion.

The new Bosch Purion compact display combines remote control and a display element in one housing. The position on the left handlebar grip is less sensitive to damage in the event of falls and leaves space in the centre of the handlebar to attach a smartphone. The most important riding data, such as total kilometres, range and distance, are called up by pressing both the plus and minus keys. The standard display informs you of the current speed, battery level and support level.

Tektro Auriga Twin hydraulic disc brake

The brake reference for cargo bikes.

Both calipers can be operated with only one lever. Mineral oil is used as brake fluid. The brake pads are made of high-performance metal with ceramic compound and guarantee the best sensitivity with good heat resistance and high braking performance. The two-piece 2.5 finger lever offers next to the grip width adjustment and a locking mechanism to safely stop the CD1.

NuVinci N380SE Harmony

Uncomplicated, continuously variable and automatic.

This maintenance-free, continuously variable high-end transmission ensures a smooth and comfortable ride that is yet to be rivalled. Even under high pedal force, it adapts smoothly to each terrain and riding style individually. With a range of 380%, the right transmission is provided for each cyclist and each situation.

Gates Carbon Drive.

Maintenance-free, silent and clean.

Silent and longer-lasting – designed specifically for the performance requirements of an e-bike, Gates’ engineers have developed a new, extremely durable and maintenance-free system. It is 20% lighter and lasts 4 times longer than a well-maintained steel chain.

Supernova E3.

The fastest bikes also need the brightest headlights. Here the Supernova lighting system shows its full strength. Even on the darkest routes, it illuminates the road far and wide, providing a comfortable riding experience. The completely CNC-milled aluminium housing is marine-anodised, 100% waterproof, protected against theft and thus suitable for even the hardest of eBike days.

Financing from €111/month.

Through HNF-NICOLAI, you can easily finance or lease your new e-bike. That means you don’t have to tie capital up unnecessarily and for a low monthly cost, you can make your dream of a new e-bike a reality at any time. HNF-NICOLAI’s financial partner is AKF Bank, which offers both leasing and financing. We also work with Business Bike, Bikeleasing and Jobrad. Please contact us on +49 (0) 3337 450 376 or send an email to and we will find the right solution for you.

On the subject of employee leasing
3 examples of classic financing

Protect your ebike through ENRA

Your HNF-NICOLAI e-bike is a significant investment. Protect it by insuring it through Enra. For 30 cents a day, you get an all-round worry-free package that protects you against all eventualities for 5 years. This means you can concentrate on the most important thing: riding your eBike!


Bosch Performance CX 25


Bosch Akkupack 500Wh

Gear shifting

NuVinci N380SE Harmony

Specification list

Load area (length/width)

M (45/65cm), L (68/65cm)

Motor Pedelec

Bosch Performance CX 25


Bosch Akkupack 500Wh


Bosch Purion Bordcomputer


Gates Carbon Drive Antrieb

Chain ring

Gates CDX 24T für Bosch


Gates Carbon Drive Belt 111T


Gates CDX 28T für NuVinci


Tektro Auriga twin 180mm mit Feststellfunktion

Gear shifting

NuVinci Harmony N380SE

Gear lever

NuVinci H8




Selle Royal Shadow


Satori Camber 31.6



Schutzblech | Gepäckträger

Wingee Schutzblech | Gepäckträger


Supernova E3

Tyres front/back

Big Ben 55-406 | Super Moto X 62-584

Max. speed

up to 25 km/h


silver matte | black matte

Weight | Perm. total weight

ca. 45 kg | 280 kg


from € 6.295,-

CD1 Pedelec

Manual german/english

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Unique. Any damage will be repaired at your home. No more visits to the workshop.

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HNF-NICOLAI is the first company to directly ship e-bikes. Free and fully assembled!

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