XD1 Urban

The classic!

from € 3.595

MSRP as a pedelec

The XD1 Urban eBikes by HNF-NICOLAI is one of our most popular eBikes. The RockShox Sektor ensures optimum traction and transfers the force directly to the road. It stylishly keeps obstacles, different route conditions and the city all under control. Large volume tyres provide additional shock absorption. The powerfull Bosch CX, combined with the NuVinci N380SE hub gear and the silent Gates carbon belt, gives the XD1 extreme drive power and allows a continuously variable transmission in any riding situation. The stylish Curana mudguards turn this innovatively designed urban bike into an all-rounder for everyday use.

The new Bosch CX.

Power and acceleration for MTB and Urbanbike.

With a concentrated energy load, the performance line from the leading international e-bike mid-motor manufacturer Bosch is designed for sporty, powerful riding. The dynamic drive provides powerful assistance on any terrain – from flat to steep, on asphalt or off-road. The drive unit controls each speed without exception.

Limitless range.

With the latest lithium technology.

Bosch Powerpacks, which HNF-NICOLAI uses for its e-bikes, are lithium-ion batteries with a 500 Wh energy reserve. They are easy to install and remove, and can be mounted directly on the bike as a frame battery. Determine your range with the Bosch rangefinder.

Bosch Intuvia.

In keeping with the Performance Line, the black Intuvia Active on-board computer acts as the e-bike’s command centre. It stands out thanks to its separate control unit, which is simple, intuitive and easy to use.

RockShox Sektor.

MTB suspension forks provide maximum comfort.

The Sektor perfectly illustrates technology right down to the very last detail. It combines first-class performance, the Revelation housing, motion control shock absorption and a dual-position coil spring system for both easy descents and climbs.

Magura MT4.

German engineering for maximum safety.

The new MT4 from Magura ensures a safe riding performance with its precise, enhanced braking effect. Thanks to the adjustable lever width setting and ergonomic two-finger brake levers, braking power can be precisely applied at any time – innovative technology that produces exactly the right combination of impeccable braking reliability and control that makes every trail a joy to ride.

NuVinci N380SE.

Uncomplicated, continuously variable and efficient.

This maintenance-free, continuously variable high-end transmission ensures a smooth and comfortable ride that is yet to be rivalled. Even under high pedal force, it adapts smoothly to each terrain and riding style individually. With a range of 380%, the right transmission is provided for each cyclist and each situation.

Gates Carbon Drive

Maintenance-free, silent and clean.

Silent and longer-lasting – designed specifically for the performance requirements of an e-bike, Gates’ engineers have developed a new, extremely durable and maintenance-free system. It is 20% lighter and lasts 4 times longer than a well-maintained steel chain.

Busch + Müller IQ Avy / IQ Tec Premium

IQ-TEC Premium. Leaping into a new dimension. The light distribution stretches twice as wide as before, is unbelievably homogeneous and provides excellent close-range illumination. Travelling in the dark – no matter how fast – is simply enjoyable thanks to the large light field.

Financing from €59/month.

Through HNF-NICOLAI, you can easily finance or lease your new e-bike. That means you don’t have to tie capital up unnecessarily and for a low monthly cost, you can make your dream of a new e-bike a reality at any time.
HNF-NICOLAI’s financial partner is AKF Bank, which offers both leasing and financing. We also work with Business Bike, Bikeleasing and Jobrad. Please contact us on +49 (0) 3337 450 376 or send an email to info@hnf-nicolai.com and we will find the right solution for you.

On the subject of employee leasing
3 examples of classic financing

Protect your ebike through ENRA

Your HNF-NICOLAI eBike is a significant investment. Protect it by insuring it through Enra. For 30 cents a day, you get an all-round worry-free package that protects you against all eventualities for 5 years. This means you can concentrate on the most important thing: riding your eBike!


Bosch Performance CX 25 | Bosch Performance Speed 45


Bosch Akkupack 500Wh

Gear shifting

NuVinci N380SE


RockShox Sektor

Specification list


MTB 27,5'' S/M (to170cm) or L/XL (from170cm)

Motor Pedelec | S-Pedelec

Bosch Performance CX 25 | Bosch Performance Speed 45


RockShox Sektor RC 130 fork suspension


Bosch Akkupack 500Wh


Bosch Intuvia


Gates Carbon Drive

Chain ring

Gates CDX 24T for Bosch


Gates Carbon Drive Belt 108T


Gates CDX 24T for NuVinci


Magura MT4 VR 180mm, HR 180mm

Gear shifting

NuVinci N380SE

Gear lever

NuVinci C3




Selle Royal 1086 HRT


Satori Camber 30.9mm


Miranda Delta




Curana C-lite 60mm

Lighting Pedelec | S-Pedelec

B+M Lumotec Avy | B+M Lumotec IQ Cyo Premium


Schwalbe Supermoto

Max. speed Pedelec | S-Pedelec

up to 25 km/h | up to 45 km/h


black matte | grey

Weight | Perm. total weight

ca. 23 kg | 150 kg

MSRP Pedelec | S-Pedelec

€ 3.595,- | € 3.930,-

3 good reasons

HNF service

With HNF-NICOLAI, you can save yourself the time and effort of having to take your eBike to be fixed.

Direct shipment

HNF-NICOLAI is the first company to directly ship e-bikes. Free and fully assembled!

Test ride

Test rides can be done anywhere in gemany. Try it!