XF3 Adventure

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The utility bike for highest demands

At first glance, our new XF3 Adventure offers high-end eMTB technology for most extreme off-road and freeride adventures. Thanks to its balanced geometry and its comfort features, however, the XF3 is equally suited for everyday commuter and travel use. The full-suspension 27.5″ frame is exclusively handcrafted in Germany. The sophisticated anti-squat kinematics and a tailor-made belt tensioner provide drive-neutral chassis performance: When the rider pedals down with a full body weight downward swing, this energy is no longer largely absorbed by the damper, but is almost completely transformed into propulsion force.

The components are without compromise: The electronic Rohloff E14 hub gearbox, the most powerful Bosch CX motor and the virtually maintenance-free Gates CDX belt cobine almos lossless power transmission with extreme durability, while the powerful Bosch DualBattery battery with its capacity of 1125 Wh offers the maximum range in the E-MTB class. And with a suspension travel that is normally only found in professional elite sports, the high quality RockShox Lyric/Cane Creek suspension provides ultimate ride comfort. 160 mm at the front and 140 mm at the rear make even the steepest stairs and the hardest trail a breeze.


"This bike invites you so much to just ride as the crow flies, off the beaten track. You literally fly over stones, even over stairs, over wood and undergrowth - and the bike just swallows it all" Alexander Bangula, e-mobility YouTuber

Bosch Performance Power

With a weight of just 2.9 kg and a size reduced by 48%, the new Bosch CX engine is the new benchmark for mid-range engines. It accelerates extremely powerful, reacts instantly and supports you with up to 340% of your pedal force. Its new transmission concept reduces pedal resistance to a minimum, rsulting in a natural driving experience even at speed above 25 km/h or with the engine switched off.

choose your on-board computer

Kiox offers all the functions a sporty driver needs. The small, scratch-resistant colour display is controlled via its separate control unit with tactile pressure feedback. It provides a permanent data flow on speed, power, heart rate, battery charge and much more. With Kiox, you have all the essential information at a glance. Networked via Bluetooth with an optional chest strap, you are always informed about your current pulse range and can therefore train optimally. The Bluetooth Low Energy interface also offers the option of downloading software updates to your on-board computer without a cable connection.This makes Kiox your perfect companion – for sporty tours and the adventure of Connected Biking.

Nyon is connected to the smartphone via the eBike Connect app and exchanges data on routes and activities. The color display acts as an intelligent guide when exploring previously unknown places, and with a whole range of fitness data it even acts as a personal coach. Of course the all-in-one on-board computer can be operated intuitively and easily via its touch screen. While driving, however, all its key funcions are operated through the separate control unit, so you can keep your hands on the handlebar. Whether on extended tours or short everyday trips: the robust high-contrast colour display is well equipped for all weather and daylight conditions.

Bosch DualBattery

No way is too far: DualBattery is the perfect solution for touring bikers and long-distance commuters. The combination of two Bosch batteries delivers up to 1,125 Wh and intelligently switches between the two batteries during charging and discharging.

PowerTube 500Wh/625Wh

The new Bosch PowerTubes used by HNF-NICOLAI in the XD3, store up to 625Wh of energy each. As Intube batteries, they disappear completely in the XD3's frame, where they are safely protected. Inserting an removing them is easy, however they can also be charged directly on the bike.

your gear

Speedhub 500 by Rohloff is the transmission for e-bike pilots with special requirements. The Rohloff Speedhub 500 offers

  • The widest transmission ratio (526%) – equally suitable for the steepest climbs and the fastest descents
  • The highest efficiency of all bike gear hubs in the world
  • a service life sufficient to cover the mileage of several trips around the world
  • 14 evenly graded gears in a hermetically sealed housing

We install the Rohloff Speedhub 500 electronic e14. It comfortably shifts gears within incredible 180 milliseconds – including engine synchronization. You can also skip several gears at the touch of a button. When the bike comes to a standstill, the Rohloff Speedhub 500 automatically shifts back to the starting gear.

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RockShox Lyrik Select

With the Lyrik Select, RockShox combines the DebonAir™ air suspension with the proven Charger™ RC damping and its adjustable low-speed compression and rebound damping. In addition, the Maxima Plush Fluid helps further reduce internal friction and provides lasting and silky smooth suspension performance.

Magura MT5

The proven 4-piston technology from motorcycle racing, adapted for bike use, ensures high braking power. Brake power and ergonomics enables optimal performance on any terrain. The use of Carbotecture® technology in the brake lever housing makes the MT5 light in weight with top braking power.

Gates Carbon Drive

Quiet. Maintenance-free.  Durable.  E-bikes with extremely powerful mid-engines place special demands on their drive system. Gates have optimized the Carbon Drive especially for the performance requirements of  e-bikes. Thus they have developed a new, particularly durable and maintenance-free system. It is 20% lighter and lasts up to 10 times longer than a well-maintained steel chain.

your lighting

The M99 MINI Pro 25 is the first approved headight with high and low beam. High beam is especially essential for off-road use, since it consierably improves trail illumination. As the entire environment is illuminated, safety is greatly increased.

Financing from €59/month.

Through HNF-NICOLAI, customers in Germany casn easily finance or lease their new e-bike. That means tat as a customer you don’t have to tie up capital.  And at low monthly cost, you can instantly make your e-bike dream come true.
HNF-NICOLAI’s financial partner is AKF Bank, which offers both leasing and financing. We also work with Business Bike, Bikeleasing and Jobrad. Please contact us on +49 (0) 3337 73900-62 or send an email to info@hnf-nicolai.com and we will find the right solution for you.


Protect your ebike with ENRA

Your HNF-NICOLAI eBike is a significant investment. Protect it by insuring it with Enra. For as little as 30 cents a day, you can get an all-round worry-free package that protects you against most common risks for 5 years. This means you can concentrate on the most important thing: riding your e-bike!


Bosch Performance CX 25


Bosch PowerTube 625Wh + Bosch PowerTube 500Wh

Gear shifting

Rohloff 500 e14


RockShox Lyrik Select

Specification List


MTB Made in Germany by Nicolai 27,5'' M (from 170cm) / L (from185cm) / XL (up to185cm)


Bosch Performance CX 25 Gen4


Rock Shox Lyrik Select+ 160mm, SA, BOOST


Bosch PowerTube 625 Wh + Bosch PowerTube 500Wh


Bosch Kiox, optional: Bosch Nyon


Gates Carbon Drive

Front Sprocket

Gates CDX 50T for Bosch


Gates Carbon Drive Belt 128T

Gear Shift

Rohloff Speedhub 500 E14

Rear Sprocket

Gates CDX 20T


Magura MT5, Front = 203mm, Rear = 180mm

Gearbox Hub

Rohloff e14


Satori Limes


Ergon SMA-30


Satori MTB Deviant 720mm


Bikeyoke Revive 2.0 160mm


Miranda Delta


VP Components Pedals MTB VP-531

Mudguard | Rack

SKS Bluemels 75U | Tubus Vega Classic


Supernova M99 mini pro 25


Continental Der Baron Projekt ProTection Apex 27.5x2,6"

Max. Speed

max. 25 km/h


black matte

Weight| Perm. total weight

approx. 33 kg | 150 kg


€ € 9.995,-