Employee leasing

Employee leasing has become standard in many companies in recent years. In a nutshell, employees simply get their e-Bikes from their employer. The employer pays the monthly installments and the employee’s monthly salary is reduced by the rate. At the end of the lease, the e-Bike can usually be purchased for a residual value of 17%. Tax benefits can be used to save money with employee leasing and therefor the purchase price must not be paid all at once.

Overview of important information

Salary conversion (how does it affect your salary): you pay less
Payment of the E-Bike is completed through your employer and payroll.
The cost of leasing is deducted from your gross salary. You save with this so-called salary conversion because tax is not applicable. As a rule, you save 20% – 40% compared to purchasing the bike direct.

0,25% Regulation
In the meantime, company bicycles are even better taxed than company cars. The monetary advantage (discount advantage through leasing), which arises when the employer provides the service bicycle, no longer has to be taxed monthly at 1% of the gross list price, as with company cars, but only at 0.25%. If the employer pays the instalments in full, it will even be cancelled altogether..

Monthly Installment: Not paying the entire amount at once
As the leasing rate is monthly, the amount is simply deducted from the salary on a monthly basis over the agreed term.

Insurance: The e-Bike is insured
The e-Bike is insured by the leasing contract against theft and total loss. The insurance rate is conveniently included in the leasing installment.

Buying after leasing: a good deal
There’s an opportunity to purchase the e-Bike at a reduced price at the end of the lease for only 17% of the listed price.

Private use
You can use your e-Bike for all trips, whether private or commercial.

Accessories can also be included in the leasing rate.

Leasing Companies
We cooperate with the following leasing partners:
*AKF Bank
* Bikeleasing
* Businessbike
* Jobrad

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