With the renaming of the German E-Bike manufacturer HNF HEISENBERG to HNF-NICOLAI, both companies are facing big changes at the beginning of this year. The networking between HNF and NICOLAI will take place on all levels. Kalle Nicolai concludes:” The merger allows us to join forces and generate real added value and benefits for the customer. And I can focus on what I do best: developing innovative bikes with passion and heart. “

We are vehicle manufacturers

HNF-NICOLAI has the entire value-added chain it needs to produce an eBike. All major processes are handled in-house, from engineering and developing the initial prototypes, to constructing sample frames. Vehicles such as our XF1/XF2 full suspension are completely handmade, for example.

Strong partners

Thanks to our direct marketing strategy, global purchasing and the use of modern production lines in Europe, we are able to offer technically high-quality e-bikes at extremely attractive prices.

We love our job

We enjoy developing new concepts and we get excited by every new bike, every new colour and every new feature time and again. That is why we are vehicle builders and this drive will always be at the heart of our company.


Since 2008, the team led by Michael Hecken, Kalle Nicolai and Benjamin Börries has been developing and building innovative and successful e-bike concepts. The founding of Grace GmbH, alongside developing the first eMotorbike series and a smart eBike designed for Daimler AG, serves to illustrate this.

Our story

November 2009

Michael Hecken presented his GRACE PRO for the first time at Galerie Koal. The world’s first series-produced e-motorbike.
The GRACE brand, founded with Kalle Nicolai, sets standards in design and technology in the newly emerging e-bike market.

April 2012

Nico Rossberg and Michael Schumacher receive the world’s first smart e-bikes, developed and produced by GRACE in collaboration with Daimler.
(Picture: Daimler)


July 2015

Michael Hecken, Benjamin Börries and Kalle Nicolai proudly present the XF1 Fully from their newly founded brand HNF.
The new e-bike brand’s portfolio, launched on 17/07/2015, features a completely newly developed model range.

junE 2016

HNF moves from Wehrmühle, where many ebike projects were born, to a new headquarters in Biesenthal in order to meet the needs of a growing team.

The Team

Michael Hecken

Managing Director

Benjamin Börries

Supply Chain Management

Kalle Nicolai

Technical Director

Johannes Weyers

International Sales

Nikolaus Karlinský

Marketing / Media

Karsten Winkelmann

Project Manager

Jan Heitmann


Marcel Graf

Shop Manager Biesenthal

Daniel Friedemann

Sales Biesenthal

Paul Günther


Max Cording


Florin Räthel


Frank Herbach


Axel Priegann


Varol Ekici


Daniel Robert


Karsten Vogel


Annette Wolf


Martin Degen


Wolfgang Eisenberg


Nedim Hasic