Service Case

Our unique home service offered by HNF-NICOLAI enables your service to be completed as quickly as possible from the comfort of your own home. This means you are well-prepared for all eventualities after buying your e-bike. Should you prefer, you can also make an appointment to bring your e-bike to our workshop in Biesenthal.

Please note that we are only able to provide this service free of charge under warranty. However, you can book our service packages as an option or book a service even after the warranty period has expired or in case of damage not covered by the warranty.

Notice: HOME SERVICE is only available in Germany!


In any case, you must register your bike in order to process your service request. If you have not yet registered your bike, you can do so here.

Damage (warranty)

To make use of the free warranty service, please provide the original invoice and indicate any inspections that have been carried out.
Please describe the damage in bullet points and fill in the relevant fields. Our service team will contact you shortly.


Registration of damage – free of charge

Damage (no warranty)

If you would like to use our service even without being under warranty, you can also book our convenient on-site service. We will gladly let you know the estimated cost by telephone or email. Please describe your damage or repair request in bullet points in the form below and fill in the relevant fields. Our service team will contact you shortly.

Registration of damage – chargeable

Book your service package

Even if your e-bike is not damaged, you can still have your HNF- Nicolai e-bike serviced by us at any time. So you can head into the new season in ship-shape, for example.

Service-check €129 plus materials (approx. 60-70 min)

– Check/adjust the headset clearance – Check/retighten the handlebar clamp – Check/retighten the saddle clamp – Bell, check function and attachment – Saddle, check attachment – Check/retighten the mudguard/rack – Check the FW/RW hub for play – Check the spoke tension/runout – Check the tyre pressure and visually inspect the tyres – Side stands, check attachment – Retighten the crank bolts – Retighten the pedals – Readjust the NuVinci gear cables/Calibrate the Harmony software – Check/readjust the toothed belt tension – Check the brake system for proper functioning – Check the brake pads/brake disc for wear – Check the lights for proper functioning – Check the suspension/suspension fork/suspension seatpost for proper functioning/lubrication – Update the Bosch e-bike system software – Update the NuVinci Harmony software – Test ride

The service check is included in one of the regular service tours. Should your address be more than 40 km from the tour route, we will charge additional travel costs. This is billed at a rate of 30 cents per km.

Book your service package