Fahrer handlebar cover

Fahrer handlebar cover

Fahrer Lenkerhaube
Delivery info:
ca. 2 Weeks
Handlebar cover to protect the e-bike cockpit during parking or transport. The hood covers the complete handlebar and therefore the display and remote control.

Further information:
Moisture and normal rain, as it occurs when parking outdoors, has no effect on the handlebar components. The handlebar cover provides special protection against driving rain, dirt and, in particular, against eddy water when transporting bicycles on a roof or stern rack, which can cause malfunctions and damaging electronics.

The cover is not waterproof so that moisture and condensation can escape through the access opening. In the event of moisture inside the cover, leave it open and dry as well as the handlebars.


made of waterproof nylon with PU coating
secured with double-sided industrial climbing tape
Length: for up to 80cm wide handlebars, width at the end 12 cm
Weight: 43g