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Is there a helmet requirement for e-Bikes up to 25-km/ h support?

Even if there is no helmet required, we strongly recommend that you always wear a certified bicycle helmet for your own safety.

Up to which speed does the system support me?

Our e-Bikes are available in a 25 km / h and a 45 km / h (HS) version. At higher speeds, the support of the engine shuts off. But you can still ride faster with your bike by pedaling harder with your own power, just like a normal bike. The 45 km / h HS models are subject to special regulations such as helmets and insurance plates.

Does my e-Bike comply with the StVZO? (Road Vehicle Licensing Regulations)

Yes. Your HNF-NICOLAI e-Bike complies 100% with the StVZO. The battery of the electric drive also powers the lights so our e-Bikes need no additional Dynamo.